As already mentioned, our objective is development and empowerment of rural India. Today is the world of modern retail. Modern retail means better and improved products at a cheaper price. From consumer point 3A Bazaar enhances their saving by minimizing the transit cost which they spend regularly on purchasing the basic necessary products. 3A Bazaar makes life convenient for consumers who have to travel 20-30 kms and spend Rs 30-40 to buy petty products. Now with 3A Bazaar, the rural consumer can be sure of quality and value for money.

From FMCG companies point of view 3A Bazaar acts as bridge between these companies and the rural consumers. It helps these companies to reach the interiors of India where consumers have access to communications media but not the products thus automatically increasing consumer base for these companies. It is an excellent platform for these companies to reach to the rural masses where they always wanted to reach but could reach till now.

In the beginning 3A Bazaar comes to your doorstep with all the products required for home that too at a very cheaper price.

Means you get everything cheaper be it:

  1. Grocery
  2. Staples
  3. Toys
  4. Personal Care
  5. Health Products
  6. Confectionery
  7. Color and Cosmetics
  8. House Hold items
  9. Stationery

And Many more...

Beside this 3A Bazaar will also work for Rural enlistment and empowerment by following activities:

  1. Organize Health camps
  2. Provide technical expertise to farmers
  3. Provide information on education
  4. Enhance the savings.

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